Hand-crafted escape rooms with expert-designed puzzles & immersive environments to explore.

We’re passionate about creating immersive experiences with engaging narratives that delivers the right balance of playability and immersion. With our strong portfolio of experience to explore, our team is ready to install our proven profit- generating turn-key rooms into your space or FEC.

Experiences Coming Soon:

These escape rooms are currently brewing in our lab. Please enjoy our concept art, creative direction, and stay tuned for release announcements.

Curse of the Siren’s Cavern

Wild West Train Heist

Past Experiences:

These escape rooms have successfully shipped and delivered to a variety of clients.

Secrets Of The Pharaohs

Picture this: You and your friends enter the dark tomb, with only a torch and a flickering flashlight to guide you. You have one hour to retrieve the time medallion and use it to return home before all is lost. Ancient hieroglyphics cover the walls; could they be a clue? Your team finds a strange box, but it does not easily open. Who knows what other secrets Pharaoh Khaba’s tomb holds for those brave enough to enter…

Murder In London

There’s been a series of murders in the dark alleyways of London. We think it has to do with another time medallion that we’ve located. The murderer might even be in possession of this medallion. A Scotland Yard detective was murdered on the corner of Commercial and Hanbury streets. Start by searching there for any evidence the police may have missed.

Wizards Tower

Explore a fantastical world where things aren’t always what they seem. In this exciting new adventure, you will travel back to the age of swords and sorcery. Can you harness all five elemental runes, unlock the mysteries of the Wizard’s Tower, and prove yourself worthy of the challenge? But be wary, brave puzzle-solvers, because if the crystals fall into the wrong hands, the entire world will be in danger.